Five Ways to Improve Kindle Fire Battery Life

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We have all had it happen: we forgot to plug in the Fire last night and now we want to watch a movie and there simply isn’t enough juice left. Start looking for that outlet near the TV.

Here are some other approaches to avoid this unhappy scenario with your Kindle Fire:

1. Adjust the “auto-brightness” settings on the Fire to avoid burning more battery than you need to in low light settings. Pull down the settings bar at the top of the screen, select “brightness” and set the brightness toggle button to “on.”

2. Install an ad blocker to save the power it takes to pull down all those ads while you are browsing on your Fire. Go to “Apps” and search for “Adblock” or “Adblock Plus.” Adding a blocker can make a significant difference in battery life on the Fire.

3. Download your music and videos and play them directly from the device whenever you can. Streaming music requires the Wifi connection that is a known battery-killer. If you can download your playlist and listen directly from the Fire, your battery life will benefit.

4. Adjust the “sleep” settings and reduce the length of time that your Kindle Fire display stays lit before automatically going to sleep. Go to “Settings” and tap “Sounds and Display.” Next, tap the link for “Screen Timeout” and make your choice. If you are currently at “5 Minutes” you may want to reduce to “1 Minute” and see how that feels.

5. Turn off the Wifi to extend battery life if you are just playing games or (gasp!) actually reading a book on your Fire. This is a technique that has been a fixture for extending battery life since the first Wifi-enabled Kindle was released. In fact, enabling “Airplane mode” means that your Kindle will stop looking for signals and focus all its energy on the task you want it to focus on right now.

Of course, learning how the battery on your Kindle Fire responds to your needs is always a good idea. Consider downloading a battery monitoring app to give you more insight into how you can extend battery life based on your personal battery usage habits.