Working with Amazon

Man bites dog (and Amazon opens a bookstore)


The irony is almost painful. Sure, it’s a “who’da thunk” moment, wrapped in the mysteries of the greatest disruptive retail operation of the past half-century. Amazon takes the very thing, a store, that it invested every fiber of its being in making irrelevant, and, wait for it, opens one itself! The impulse to plant a foot in the space-time…

Is Your Clipping Limit Exceeded?

By: Kate Ter Haar

Clipping limit? An  oxymoron? Those of us who love to mark up our books sometimes go overboard. I remember packing some of my old college textbooks and seeing how most of the text was highlighted in bright yellow. How does that help? an older and wiser me mused. Enter the age of digital text. No…

Will Kindle Unlimited Change Everything?

Watch the short video that GigaOm dug up about the new subscription service for unlimited books from Amazon: How would such a service affect your reading habits? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! You might also like: Beware Automatic Book Updates on Kindle and What Educators Need to Know About Kindle Synchronization

Far From the Madding Crowd? Far from Frictionless!

Are Consumers Like Hardy's Sheep?

Read the Recent Post Does My Kindle Book Have Real Page Numbers? You remember Jeff Bezos’s stated mission to make reading “frictionless”? Well, in some macro sense, circa 2009, he has accomplished his mission. But this is 2013, people, and when I want to load a copy of a public domain title onto my Kindle…

Are You Getting an E-book Refund?

If this is the first you have heard about an e-book refund, the next thing you will notice is a credit in your Amazon or B&N account for books purchased between April 1, 2010 to May 21, 2012. The option to 1) opt out of the settlement, 2) file a claim, or 3) apply to…

How to share your Kindle books


Only once per book–ever–if the publisher allows it. Amazon and its Kindle reader have long made it possible to share books among devices that are registered to the same account. And that doesn’t mean that you even have to own a Kindle to do it! You can manage a Kindle account for almost any kind…

Is Apple to Blame for Higher E-Book Prices?


Is the trial about why e-book prices jumped when Apple entered the market in 2010 much ado about nothing for educators? Maybe not. All of the strategies that educators have embraced since the dawn of the Kindle era half a decade ago, keeping the per-title costs as low as possible has trumped almost every other…