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clean eating cover

Cover on Amazon

Free Preview Copy of New Book on Clean Eating

Get a free copy of our newest book, now live on Amazon! This is a book about eating cleaner taking the “baby steps” approach. In 17 steps, author Willi Ernst suggests how to start eating foods that are unprocessed and fresher today, without making a huge commitment to a brand new diet. Downlaod the Kindle version here (or click on the cover).

Chapters include:

#11 Find clean matches for junk foods that you love
#3 Rethink what a meal is
#14 Sidestep sugar
#6 Think Local

The book also comes with a handy Glossary of Terms, so that the sometimes overly-scientific vocabulary of clean eating nutrition and physiology can be checked easily and quickly.

If you are interested in obtaining a free copy of the book and would consider reviewing it, please send us a note using the Contact page and we will make arrangements for your free copy.

If you like the book, please consider giving us a review on Amazon!

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