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The New Kindle Lineup: What It Means to Educators

Time to Read Feature

Just a quick update on the new lineup of Kindles announced earlier this month: as ever, the new Kindle models have one key audience in mind – the individual consumer. Backlight for reading in bed, integration with a vast media library, seamless purchasing opportunities, high resolution screen, touch navigation, whiter backgrounds, the works! All improvements…

Andrys Does It Again!


If you have a Kindle, care about Kindles, or ever thought about Kindles, you need to get to know Andrys Basten. Now, I know that this is the worst kept secret around, seeing as how Andrys is Number 2 on the recent list of e-reader influencers at Traackr One! But on the very off chance…

Report Details Kindle Fire “Dislikes”


ChangeWave recently reported the results of a survey of Kindle Fire owners that tallied up the things they like and dislike about the device. While we don’t like to accentuate the negative here at EduKindle, we just found that the dislikes were much more revealing than the likes. What do you think the top “like” was? You guessed it: the price.

Why We Won’t Purchase More Kindles at The Unquiet Library


Editor’s note: This post is reprinted here with permission from The Unquiet Librarian blog by Buffy Hamilton, who is the school librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia, as well as highly influential writer, teacher, and speaker. Why We Won’t Purchase More Kindles at The Unquiet Library by Buffy Hamilton We’re back in The Unquiet…

Should Amazon Offer Education Discount like Apple?


Why not? It is an accepted practice that hardware and software vendors offer reduced pricing for educators. I mean, even Microsoft does it, and these guys are not known for leaving money on the table. So why not Amazon and why not the Kindle? The practice is not all generosity of spirit for Steve Jobs,…