Will DeLamater

Will Kindle Unlimited Change Everything?

Watch the short video that GigaOm dug up about the new subscription service for unlimited books from Amazon: How would such a service affect your reading habits? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! You might also like: Beware Automatic Book Updates on Kindle and What Educators Need to Know About Kindle Synchronization

Paris Museum Guide – free ebook download

By: Moyan Brenn

Headed abroad this summer? If Paris is on your itinerary, download this ebook guide to the museums of this great art city and have it handy on any mobile device, saved in your Kindle reader or your ePub reader (we like Bluefire). In addition to the general article on Paris itself and the article listing…

8 ways to jump into eBooks from eSchool News

My favorite is “2. Research eBook best practices.” Devices and databases will work themselves out, but using these digital resources to really help kids is most likely to be worked out, as all great teaching gets worked out, in the trenches by people like you, dear Reader. So become a teacher-researcher: see how all the…

How to clean up your Kindle Fire


A lot of Amazon Kindle Fire users have been hit with a message about low storage space or less memory on their devices. One reason for this problem is that the apps that are installed on the Kindle Fire are running in background, performing certain operations that consume both memory and storage. There are few…

“Got iPad” beats “Got Kindle” on Christmas

Scaling the peak!

According to Topsy Analytics, there was a clear winner on Christmas morning between iPad and Kindle, at least among Twitter users. Using the Topsy analytics engine, Philip Elmer-Dewitt of CNN Money ran a search on the phrases “got iPad, got Kindle, got Note” in Tweets that people shared on Christmas day. The results are startling…

Beware Automatic Book Updates on Kindle


Related Content: Should You De-Synchronize Your Kindle? If you have been reading this blog, you know I am an awestruck fan of the Amazon reading ecosystem and the many, many ways it improves the reading experience, even if you can’t easily find that free book you are looking for… But you have to remember that…