In defense of the Kindle Fire 7

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For the holidays, we are always looking around for stocking stuffers and smaller presents for friends and distant relatives. Aren’t you? Well, here is why the Kindle 7 fits the category perfectly, especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday pricing in place.

The Kindle 7 is a little tablet that I just paid $29 for, several times over. For a friend who likes books and media, it is a steal. The haters say that the device is just a way for Amazon to sell to you, especially the “with offers” version that costs the least. To that I say, exactly. This little tablet, particularly when paired with a Prime membership, throws open the doors to one of the most carefully curated media libraries on the planet. The device is small; what it opens up is immense.

Of course Amazon wants to sell you stuff. So does everybody else. However, what this inexpensive little tablet offers you is the key to lots of free content, and, with the Prime membership I mentioned, it gives you a bona fide Netflix competitor in Prime Video, all kinds of Kindle books to read, and the flexibility of a basic but functional window on the web.

What I like best is the small form factor. I can hold it in the palm of my hand and tuck it into my pocket as necessary. In this sense it is like a large smartphone. Battery life is good and, if you are just reading, the battery life is great.

So don’t listen to the haters on this tiny window on a world of books, music, movies, blogs, videos–endless. I use lots of devices, but this one is in the rotation, and for good reason.

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