Alexa “Santa” Skills – Five Top-Rated (and our top pick)

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Now that we are getting all of our information, not from the internet directly, but from the voice of Alexa through our Echo Dot, this year keeping tabs on Santa, his elves, and the location of his sleigh on Christmas Eve absolutely must be done using these top-rated Alexa “Santa” skills.

alexa "santa" skills on echo dotBefore you get started with Santa on your Echo device, be prepared to go through several steps that Amazon has instituted to protect children and their information when using the program. For me, that included signing in (with two-factor authentication, meaning a code sent to my phone) and accepting terms. It takes a minute or so, but once you have done it, seemingly you can add additional Santa apps without going through the process a second time. However, these steps seem to require you to enable the skill from your computer while logged in to Amazon, rather than install by voice through the Echo device itself, as you can do with some skills.

So let’s get started with Alexa “Santa” Skills!

First on the list of Alexa “Santa” skills is a skill called, quite appropriately, “Santa Claus” by developer Drew Firment. Install the skill after logging in to Amazon and searching for Santa in the Alexa Skills Store. Then, get started by saying “Alexa, open Santa Claus.” What follows is a series of questions that can be answered “yes” or “no,” all aiming to discover whether or not the answerer has been naughty or nice. Pro Tip: speak your yes and no answers loudly toward the Echo Dot and if the answer does not lead immediately to the next question, repeat the answer even louder. Otherwise, the app just stalls when it hasn’t heard your answer. Get it HERE.

Rating on Amazon: Five Stars (10 ratings)
My Rating: Four-and-a-half Stars (It is pretty fun;-)

Next up is “Call Santa,” and guess what, you are going to get his voice mail. Once you have installed the skill, say “Alexa, call Santa” and sit back and listen. One reviewer wished that the app might allow the child to leave a voice mail, but once Santa has jollied you up for a minute or two, the app is done. Buh bye! Get it HERE.

Rating on Amazon: Three Stars (15 ratings)
My Rating: Three is about right, but maybe a bit high for a skill you will only use once

alexa "santa" skills top pick

Our Top Pick!

Alexa “Santa” Skills–number three in our list is “Santa Pals.” This is one of the most complete skills, one that can keep your child listening, singing, and laughing for quite a little while. After a greeting from Santa and a brief explanation about how the skill works, Santa, assisted by Alexa, offers opportunities to play a game, feed a reindeer, sing a song (Jingle Bells seems to be the default) or hear a joke. After singing Jingle Bells a few times, you may be inclined to say “Alexa, close Santa Pals.” Get it HERE.

Rating on Amazon: Five Stars (2 ratings)
My Rating: for its extensive dynamic content and professional production, Five Stars

Our next of our Alexa “Santa” skills is “Santa Adventure.” Install as with the others, then say “Alexa, open Santa Workshop.” Alexa does all the talking here, unlike the various Santas who participate in the other skills. You can either dive right into wandering around Santa’s house opening doors in search of Santa’s workshop, or you can hear some instructions. Pro Tip: skip the instructions and start wandering! Some kids may love figuring out exactly where the workshop is; beyond that, the skill doesn’t offer much in terms of a good time. Get it HERE.

Rating on Amazon: Three-and-a-half Stars (4 ratings)
My Rating: because the content is dynamic, Three Stars are possibly deserved

NORAD Track Santa Alexa "Santa" SkillFinally in our list of Alexa “Santa” skills we have “NORAD Tracks Santa.” Now this is one that I get–we have used the Santa tracking service from NORAD for many years online to build excitement with our kids about Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve. Now, there’s an Alexa skill for that! Before the big night, NORAD Tracks Santa simply tells you that Santa is at the North Pole. It will be interesting to see what we get once he starts moving! In the meantime, the skill is loaded up with Santa Facts, of which you can hear quite a few. Again, Alexa is the narrator. Get it HERE.

Rating on Amazon: Four-and-a-half Stars (4 ratings)
My Rating: Depending on the performance on Christmas Eve, that rating sounds about right

BONUS SKILL: “Where is Bad Santa.” Let’s just say that it’s value depends on what you find funny. At least it is a Santa app that the adults can enjoy. It has an M for Mature rating. Get it HERE. Enjoy!

Rating on Amazon: Five Stars (2 ratings)
My Rating: Priceless!

Please tell us about your favorite Christmas and holiday Alexa skills in the comments below!

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