A great web service that is now free

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Now that it has been purchased by Pinterest, an Instapaper account with all the premium services is now free! (You’re welcome…;-) Click on the logo for more information.

In case you never heard of Instapaper, editors at Wikipedia tell us that “Instapaper is a bookmarking service owned by Pinterest. It allows web content to be saved so it can be “read later” on a different device, such as an e-reader, smartphone, tablet. The service was founded in 2008. Instapaper can be used via a web-based interface, or through mobile apps for Android and iOS. Within a web browser, a “Read Later” bookmarklet can be used to save pages to a user’s personal unread queue on Instapaper. Every article is automatically reformatted to remove excessive formatting and graphics.

Instapaper was initially distributed as a paid app. Later, the app became a free service, but with certain features exclusive to a “Pro” version of the app, and later a “Instapaper Premium” subscription, such as ad-free browsing, full-text search, and voice dictation on supported platforms. These features became free for all users on November 1, 2016.”

With competitors like Pocket and Google Keep, Instapaper probably needed to go “free” in order to stay relevant at this point. It is still a good service and worthy of your attention.