“Got iPad” beats “Got Kindle” on Christmas

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Scaling the peak!

Scaling the peak!

According to Topsy Analytics, there was a clear winner on Christmas morning between iPad and Kindle, at least among Twitter users. Using the Topsy analytics engine, Philip Elmer-Dewitt of CNN Money ran a search on the phrases “got iPad, got Kindle, got Note” in Tweets that people shared on Christmas day. The results are startling (as the chart indicates).

Ok, so how can this be? Well, the fact that you can use an iPad to post to Twitter may be part of the answer. Only the Kindle Fire could be used to do so with ease, not the very popular Paperwhite or other e-ink Kindle versions.

Or maybe iPad owners are just big mouths who have to tweet every little thing that happens to them, while Kindle owners are caught up in their favorite 18th-century novel that they got for free (Paperwhite) or are busy watching reruns of “Cheers!” for free with their Prime subscription (Fire HD and HDX).

Or maybe Apple just sold more iPads as gifts than Amazon did Kindles (likely scenario). I have to say that I am muy impressed with the way my iPad Mini is slowly replacing my other devices for all kinds of activities, and, here’s the kicker, that includes reading. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post comparing the reading experience between Kindle and iPad Mini…)

Which is to be preferred? I’m not sure yet, but my fancy graphic for this post was created with a couple of cool apps on the Mini, where I had just finished reading my daily chapter of What Maisie Knew in iBooks. For 2014, at least, it seems like the Twitterverse agrees that the iPad provides the “peak” experience in tablet computing.