Is the iPad Mini Relevant to Educators? Survey Results Here

Photo courtesy of Engadget.

Based on our admittedly informal and small sample survey, the answer is YES. 83% of our respondents indicated that they would consider a Mini instead of a full sized iPad for their schools. On the flip side, over 80% indicated that the Mini does not offer them anything new that they don’t already have access to right now. (The remaining 16% cited the Mini’s size as more appropriate to smaller hands.)

Tow thirds of the respondents are currently using touch screen devices in their school or district, so these are folks who know something about these devices and how they can support teaching and learning. When asked about first impressions, the strongest one had to do with price: half the respondents said that they would prefer something with a lower price point than the iPad Mini.

What is your first impression of the Mini? (Click to enlarge.)

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