How to Find Out When Your Kindle Library Book Loan Expires

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hourglass_448With all the fun of Kindle library lending afoot, I started to wonder how I could see the number of days left before my book goes “Pooh!” and turns into a pumpkin (or at least is “returned” to the library from whence it came). Now, to be fair to Sony, which, despite the Kindle focus on this blog, I have always tried to do, it must be noted that when I borrow an ePub book and add it to my Sony Reader, the book listing page shows me the expiration date of each book I have borrowed. Not so with the Kindle. (And that’s ok, because my Kindle book found its way to my device via my wifi connection, a feat that still eludes the best efforts of my Sony Reader.)

So, where exactly is the information I seek? The big difference with the Kindle/Overdrive lending system is that all the mechanics of book lending take place at the Amazon site, and that, indeed, is where the return or expiration date information resides.

1. Just go to “Manage My Kindle” (an important page for any Kindle owner),

2. find the book in the list that pops up (“Your Kindle Library”), noting that it is labeled with the words “public library,” and

3. click on the little plus (+) sign next to it for book information, which includes the expiration date.

Never mind that the first time I opened this info it told me the book would be returned in, like, 1969 or something. Further trials have produced the more likely return date of October 9, 2011. So all is well in the Kindle lending world!

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the economic drivers behind this hugely expensive system, you will find a link to purchase the book conveniently located right next to the return date…

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  1. October 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm


    I fought this awhile also. There is another way to view expiration dates besides the Amazon site.

    If you can get to your ‘My Account’ page on your library site, you can sign in and click on ‘My Digital Bookshelf’. That area lists the titles you have checked out with checkout date and expiration date.

    I had to go through my libraries search process and go to the checkout page of an actual ebook to find the tab for ‘My Account’. If you are not looking for this you could easily skip over it.

  2. October 4, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Kindles would be far more useful if Amazon would build Manage My Kindle into the hardware, so we don’t have to use our computers to track this sort of thing.

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