Video Guide to Creating Kindlepedia Articles for Your Kindle

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Pierre Gorissen has produced a nifty video on how to use the Kindlepedia tool from EduKindle to create reference articles for you Kindle or any other ereader that supports the Mobipocket format.

In addition, Pierre has written a little script that allows you to make a bookmarklet in your browser (works fine in my Firefox) that will automatically send any page you are on at Wikipedia to the Kindlepedia engine and return the article for download, perfectly formatted with a linked table of contents and live links throughout. He demonstrates how to set this up in the video.

I am posting the video here, and you can see more of Pierre’s handiwork at the EduKindle Community site.

  1 comment for “Video Guide to Creating Kindlepedia Articles for Your Kindle

  1. David
    July 22, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    The bookmarklet works great in Safari 4.x too. (At least, in OS X.)

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