Kindle DX Page Turning for Lefties

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kindleleftysmallMany have noted the “hair trigger” pivot function on the new Kindle DX that switches from portrait to landscape mode when you change the orientation of the device.  It’s true. When you handle the device, the content on the screen jumps around like crazy, like a cup of coffee in a car off road. That’s how I discovered the answer to the problem of page turning for lefties. (For those who ask “What is he talking about? I offer that the new Kindle DX only has page turning buttons on the right hand side of the device, leaving people who want to turn pages with the left hand out of luck.)

The pivot function (which can be disabled in the dialog box that comes up when you press the font size button on the keypad) redraws the page according to how you are holding the Kindle, so those who want to turn the pages with the left hand need only turn the DX upside down and voila! the keys are on the left!  In that same dialog box, you can actually find a setting that will keep the screen in that orientation until you turn it off.  Lefties unite–the Kindle DX has your back!

  1 comment for “Kindle DX Page Turning for Lefties

  1. July 14, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    I’m semi-ambidestrous, depending on the activity although I’m truly right handed.

    With my Kindle 2, I almost exclusively turn pages with my left hand — I tend to hold the Kindle in my left, especially while sipping something with my right.

    The downside, in my view, of the flipping the DX upside down would be when looking up a word, or searching for a word within a text — one would need to turn the unit upside down again, re-enable the pivot, and then type the entry.

    This seems really cumbersome. I love the Kindle 2 but I might wait for the Plastic Logic when I decide I’m ready to have a larger screen and native PDF support.

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