eSchool News Leads with Story on Kindle DX

eschool_news_kindle_small_focalYou know that people are paying attention when eSchool News puts a Kindle story on the front page! The article contains nothing new in terms of information about the DX and the schools that will be piloting it, but several quotes from those involved sum up the situation:

The Educator: “Is this the watershed device of electronic text readers we’ve been waiting for? Or is it just another evolutionary step on the way to that revolutionary device?” –Mary Ringle, CTO for Reed College, Portland, OR

The Publisher: “As exciting as the launch of the new Kindle might be, we are skeptical that buying a $400-plus Kindle device will help students with their affordability issues.” –Spokesperson for CourseSmart, the digital publishing service for several major textbook companies

Hmmm. I think that the CourseSmart spokesperson meant to say “we are skeptical that buying a $400-plus Kindle device will help publishers with their profitability issues.”