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51lsdswalgl_sl160_I don’t know if anyone else has gotten hooked on the Showtime series that portrays the life and times of King Henry the VIII of England, but after catching up with seasons One and Two on DVD, our household settles down on Sunday nights for a journey back to the 16th-century and the Tudors.

Of course, watching a series based on history spawns endless questions about what really happened, and we find ourselves consulting Wikipedia about the era on a regular basis.  We’re particularly in the dark about the roles of the minor characters, about whom we had learned little in school. So finding some background articles on folks like Norfolk, Suffolk, Aske, the “other” Boleyn girl, the evil Boleyn uncle, and many more has added tremendously to our enjoyment of the series. Especially when I could load them on my Kindle.

So I thought I would share some of these for download and maybe stimulate a little Kindle-related Tudor buzz!  First up is the Wikipedia article on the series itself. You can download it here and cable it into the “documents” folder on your Kindle.

The section in the article on “departures from history” is particularly interesting, as it points out all the little discrepancies, including the fact that Henry was in his early forties before marrying Anne Boleyn and was therefore not the virile, young, studly prince as portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Ah, the importance of artictic license!


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  1. May 6, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    This is very interesting. However, I am wondering, not being very Kindlefied yet, what exactly can you download to it? I ask because at our school, the library offers so many online resources that might be more authoritative than a Wikipedia article about the Tudors. As much as I love Wikipedia, why not also add into the lesson a research component that emphasizes the more scholarly? Just curious….

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