Education Articles Now Formatted for Download to Your Kindle

I have been working on getting texts properly formatted for the Kindle lately and thought I would experiment with short articles on topics of interest to educators. The first ones are now available on the “Downloads” page. One is a brief overview of the NCLB legislation that was sourced through Wikipedia, and another is the text of a press release about Secretary Margaret Spellings and her final regulations for the implementation of NCLB.

Of interest to Kindle afficionados is the fact that the first article was formatted, with great labor and perseverance, through Amazon’s “free” email formatting service. It was tough to get the HTML just right so that Amazon would accept it, and, as you will see, the formatting is pretty basic at that. I will see about going back and linking the endnotes, for example.

The second file is an “ebook” or Mobipocket file. This one was much easier to produce as the Mobipocket Creator (free download here) converts from a text file pretty easily. A little light HTML coding to get the headers right, and it is ready to go. Looks great on the Kindle, and will work on other ebook readers as well.

A shout out and special thanks for helping me with this process goes to Joshua Tallent at KindleFormatting. Joshua is an ebook formatting veteran, and he can get these files running smooth as silk on the Kindle. I look forward to learning more from Joshua and recomment his formatting service highly.