Five Tips for Navigation on the Kindle – #1: The Progress Bar

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One of the little known ways to get around the Kindle, especially if you are reading a large document, is to use the Enhanced Progress Bar. (Neat, huh?) So, how to do this?

1. Roll the scroll wheel over the Progress Bar (that line of dots across the bottom of the screen) and click. The rest of the screen grays out (after a Kindle-like pause–hang on, be patient, it will happen) and a box appears at the top with instructions on how to navigate bookmarks).

2. You will see something like this (without the labels, of course), known as the “Enhanced Progress Bar”:

Progress Bar

You current location in the book is indicated by the “hollow” pointer, and any bookmarks that you have set are indicated by the “filled” or black markers.

3. What we are interested in right now are the number buttons that appear as images below the dots. These correspond to the number keys on the Kindle keyboard, and allow you to navigate through the book by pressing those number keys. Each key represents ten percent of the text, so if you push the “5” key, you should jump halfway through the book.

Since the Kindle does not offer a “Go to End” on the menu bar (as it does a “Go to Beginning” option), using the Enhanced Progress Bar to jump to the end by hitting the “0” key is quite handy, especially if you are looking for the index or endnotes.

4. Once you have pushed the number key of your choice to jump to a different spot in the book, you will see the text change but stayed “grayed out.” To start reading again, just roll the scroll wheel off the Progress Bar and, voila!, the text returns to reading mode.

5. To return to your earlier “current” position, just hit the “Back” button on the lower east side of the Kindle.

Stay tuned for more tips in this series on Kindle Navigation.

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  1. Masoud
    August 6, 2012 at 6:20 am

    The enhanced progress bar does not seem to be available for the Kindle 3 keyboard

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