Five Navigation Tips for the Kindle – #3: Turning Down the Corners of Pages

BookmarkThis navigation tip for the Kindle comes under the heading of “things you can do for yourself” to make navigation easier. That means setting bookmarks for things that you know you will want to find as you read.

You can set a bookmark anywhere in a book by turning down the little page corner at the top by clicking on it with the scroll wheel. Some people consider this the “cutest” feature of the Kindle, bar none. And, in truth, it is pretty cute. But it is also functional, and for this reason.

Reading with a Kindle is like riding in a car with airbags: you know you have an extra measure of safety beyond the average. This means that with the Kindle, you don’t have to worry about marking every little thing you might want to find later because you always have the “search” function. That is a safety net that no dead-tree print book will ever afford you. Remember concordances?

But it is very easy to scroll up and turn down that page corner, and then, using the techniques outlined in Navigation Tip #1, to use the flippers to move between bookmarks. (Remember, the bookmarks are the little “filled-in triangle pointers” and your current location is the “empty triangle pointer.”

By setting bookmarks agressively (remember, this is a “do for yourself” technique) you can make navigation through a big text a LOT easier for yourself.

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  1. November 28, 2008 at 7:34 am

    Good tip! I also find it convenient to use the keyboard shortcut, Alt-B, to set a bookmark on a page. Once I had committed the shortcut to memory, I found it to be quicker than the scrollbar for bookmarking.

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