Uploading Your Documents to the Kindle

Half of what I lug with me on a plane or train is stuff from work that I have to read. Much of it is Word documents, some PDFs. My goal was to see how much of this paper I could convert for the Kindle.

This is as easy as it gets. You just email your document to the folks at Kindle and they will convert it and send it back to your Kindle wirelessly, all for the exorbitant fee of ten cents. That’s right, a dime. You can send a Word document and certain kinds of PDFs to yourname@kindle.com and they will shoot it back onto your Kindle in a jiffy (really, mine was there as soon as I checked for it a minute or two later), or you can send the document to yourname@free.kindle.com, and they will email the converted document right back to you at no charge. Just connect the USB and drag it into the “documents” folder on your Kindle.

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  1. willd
    March 8, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Mike, go look at your Kindle email address on the Manage My Kindle page in your Amazon account. This way you know what email they are expecting to see. You also have to add your email account as approved in order for the system to work. Hope this helps!

  2. mike
    February 26, 2012 at 8:07 pm


    I tried to send an email with the word documents i want to attach to “myusername”@kindle.com and it did nothing… My user name has spaces in it, so i took the spaces out… do i need to use an _underscore_ for the spaces?

  3. Kathy Schrock
    June 24, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Since the post you copied from something I said does not allow comments (http://www.edukindle.com/?p=14), I am sorry to have to post my response here, but I could not find an email address to send this note to anywhere on the site.

    You had suggested that we let students load up the Kindle with books. I have no problem with that, nor was I suggesting that they could not make the decisions on books to be purchased. We have always solicited suggestions from students for book purchases in the school library, and those for the Kindle would be no exception.

    The post was made as a solution to meet the needs of a school that cannot use a credit card and does not have much money. The gift certificate method would work for districts who need to control the spending….not limit the types of items that are purchased.

    Kathy Schrock

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