A Thinker’s Blog for the Kindle

After canceling out of the blogs I’ve been reviewing before the “free trial” ended, I signed up for another batch.  One I find to be very interesting, Stanley Fish’s blog Think Again from the New York Times.  It looks like Fish, a professor at Florida International University in Miami, and whose book Surprised by Sin: The Reader in Paradise Lost I read as an undergraduate, posts once a week to this blog, which carries the subtitle “Stanley Fish and the Analysis of Reasoning.”

When I fired up the Kindle this morning, the first post that appeared was Fish discussing a question of genuine interest to educators: should teachers be permitted to wear campaign buttons while they are at work?  The New York City Board of Education, apparently, says no.  In Illinois, college professors are banned from displaying bumper stickers that signal political preferences.

As seems to be his habit, Fish deconstructs the issue point by point.  It is worth the read just to see how he juxtaposes first amendment claims against the right of an educational institution to “maintain good order and discipline” in their schools.

More to the point: the reading is even better at font size #4 in my big comfy chair rather than sitting at the computer, thanks to the Kindle.