A Limit to Reading Blogs on the Kindle

Recently I noted that there are some blogs that format for the Kindle beautifully and that carry content worth paying for. Stanley Fish’s Think Again blog in the New York Times is a good example.

But I found that, even with this erudite and text-driven blog (as compared to Street Use, which makes its point through images), I needed a “computer assist” to access an important part of the blog–the comments.

Major bummer. If you are going to write a substantive and relevant blog post, people are going to comment on it, predictably. So, in order to experience the richness of the blog, I must fire up the ol’ PC and read the comments online.

To be honest, the pictures at Street Use look better in color on the ol’ PC as well, but that’s not the point. Blogs like Think Again should show the comments inline, so we can take advantage of the Kindle for the whole experience, not just part of it.